Frequently Asked Questions

AdShac is a platform for creators and influencers to create a single sponsorships listing page for all their brand collaboration needs.

AdShac is for any creator or influencer who monetizes their content through brand collaborations and sponsorships.

AdShac charges a standard 10% platform fee to creators for sale of each listing. This includes the 2.9% + $.30 fee charged by Stripe (per transaction).

Currently no fees are charged to Advertisers for using AdShac.

We use Stripe to process all of our payments. While signing up, create a Stripe account (or attach your existing account if you already have one).

The advertiser is charged when a creator approves the sale of a sponsorship listing. The payment is then routed to your Stripe account.

Payments from Stripe are cleared to your bank every 7-10 days.

We have a built-in dispute reporting system for each collaboration. If a creator fails to hold up their side of the collaboration, please fill out the dispute form so our team can assess the matter and determine if a refund needs to be issued to the advertiser.

As a creator you have the option to keep the listing public or private when you create a listing. Private listings obscure the price of the sponsorship listing (only to the public) but are visible to advertisers on the platform.

The listing can range from $0.5 to $5000 in value. As our platform matures, we will look to increase the limit.

Please reach out to us at and our team will help you reset your password.

No, content creators and advertisers are allowed to create only one AdShac account per email (per user type, i.e. creator or advertiser).

Kindly reach out to us at for us to assist you further.